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If you love cannabis, whether you’re in it for fun or in it for therapeutic reasons, you have probably tried a lot of different methods to get the “full experience”. Perhaps you’ve tried making your own gravity bong, and lighting the bowl with natural hemp wicks instead of a butane lighter.

There’s always a way to enhance the smoking experience. One of my favorites is to add terp pearls to the mix. They are another thing to take care of and clean, yes, but they can make your life easier and stretch your concentrates a bit further. Feel free to read more about concentrates and the difference between rosin and resin here.

So what are terp pearls, you might ask? Contrary to some articles out there, it’s not little sticky balls of weed resin that you roll up and torch. Let’s dig in.

What Are Terp Pearls?

We’re talking about tiny pearl-like balls that are added to the “bowl” or banger of your dab rig. You can improve the flow of your rig and achieve lower temperature dabs to preserve terpenes. Hence, terp pearls.

Made of borosilicate, quartz, or ruby, they are 4-6mm in thickness and weigh between 1mg and 30mg. They are also called “banger beads” or “dab balls.” 

Different styles of terp pearls
Different Types Of Terp Pearls

What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?

“Don’t you just love when sticky residue is left on the bottom of the banger because the oil didn’t get a chance to heat? It’s a waste of good concentrate too, oh boy! Good thing that stuff is cheap, right?”

-No one, ever

With terp pearls, you’ll experience fewer “puddles” and more flavor. These little guys constantly spin around the bottom of the banger when inhaling to spread concentrate and heat evenly. Terp pearls are 100% reusable and help conserve your concentrates. Terp Pearls come in a variety of colors and materials that hold heat differently when hitting them. They also look cool, so there’s that.

How Do Dab Pearls Work?

We want them to spin constantly around the bottom of the banger when inhaling, to spread concentrate and heat evenly. Generally, this will give us smooth dabs that pump up the flavor. This means no more worrying that the banger will lose heat before all of the oil is vaporized.

The more even the distribution of oils in your banger, the more flavor and bigger clouds of vapor, simultaneously helping to also prevent sticky, unburnt goo.

Only certain bangers and carb caps can get the terp pearls spinning, so make sure you have a compatible carb cab. Terp pearls do their job best when placed in a quartz banger. Quartz is known for its resistance to heat, and the banger’s design means that it can withstand low temperatures. 

How Do You Use Terp Pearls?

It’s most common to heat the banger with the terp pearls inside first. Load in your concentrates next, put the carb cap on, and take a hit that sends the terp pearls into motion. You will need a proper cap for the banger to get any spinning action from the pearls. You can use no cap, but the pearls will just distribute heat, not move around.

Some terp pearls are made with materials that can withstand high heat, some not. I recommend getting quartz pearls for a quartz banger, as quartz holds up well to the heat needed. Be safe with flames and high temperatures, etc.

How Many Pearls Should I Use?

Here’s a little cheat sheet to pick the best fit for you.

Borosilicate Glass – the most affordable pearls, but can melt or change shape when heated at high temperatures. This means you have to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning these types of pearls and making sure not to heat them directly. Maybe don’t even look at it wrong.

Ceramic – can handle a good amount of heat like quartz, but ceramic is porous and hard to clean. They can also be fragile, but some prefer the flavors with ceramic.

Quartz – the most popular terp pearls out there, the average across the board. They handle heat well, have a good flavor, and can be easily cleaned. Quartz is also very reasonably priced, which makes them very desirable in comparison to other pearls.

Ruby – well it’s expensive. They can keep heat really well, but cooling and cleaning can be tricky.

Cleaning Your Terp Pearls

Keep your new terp pearls clean to retain the flavor of the terpenes in the cannabis. Cleaning your terp pearls after every dab sesh is important in making sure there’s no concentrate buildup.

To clean terp pearls, wait for them to cool down, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, and wipe out the banger. Don’t use it right after, but give it time to dry and cool off before using it again. For a deeper clean, take out the cold pearls and put them in a shot glass of rubbing alcohol to soak.