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We’ve all been there. You sit down at the end of a long day to start your session & relax, only to find you’ve completely run out of papers or cones. Or maybe you accidentally dropped your go-to pipe the other day, shattering it into oblivion, and haven’t replaced it yet. What’s a poor stoner to do? Enter a tried and true DIY solution that has become something of a rite of passage for smokers all around the world- the improvised apple pipe. Read on to check out our step-by-step guide on how to smoke out of an apple below. 

Who knows, it may save your sesh one day!

Wait, Can You Really Smoke Out Of An Apple? 

Oh yeah, you betcha. Though there are many different kinds of items you can use to improvise a bong or pipe in a pinch, there’s nothing like whipping up a good old-fashioned apple pipe. They are clean, quick, and easy to make, and best of all, they won’t ruin the taste of your buds. In fact, it might even make your hits better with a hint of fruity deliciousness!

The beauty of the apple pipe lies, of course, in its simplicity. A DIY apple pipe can be made with just a few inexpensive household items and are fairly clean & discreet to assemble. Just follow our step-by-step guide on how to smoke out of an apple below, and you’ll never be caught off guard for a session again!

How To Smoke Out Of An Apple - Supplies You'll Need

How To Smoke Out Of An Apple (4 Steps)

Getting ready to smoke out of an apple is easy, all you need is a few simple supplies, including

  • A ripe apple (you don’t want a mushy apple for this one)
  • A Screwdriver (or a pen, knife, chopstick, or any other sturdy stick-like poking tool)
  • A lighter
  • Some good buds to put a roast on

Once you have these in hand, just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be hitting your apple in no time!

Step #1) Remove The Apple Stem

How To Smoke Out Of An Apple - Step #1

Removing the stem will create a natural bowl-like space at the top of your apple which you can use to pack your buds.

Step #2) Using Your Screwdriver Poke A Hole In The Top

How To Smoke Out Of An Apple - Step #2

Once you have a spot for your greens to sit in, you will need to bore from the top of the apple where you removed the stem, down to the center of the apple. Take care not to make this hole too big or small, you want to have enough space for the smoke to flow freely through. It is also a good idea to clear out any debris from your hole so that you aren’t clogging your apple pipe or inhaling pulp with each pull. 

Be careful not to make this hole too large, or you risk your buds falling down in the center of your apple, diminishing its effectiveness. 

Step #3) Poke Another Hole In The Side Of The Apple To Connect The Chambers 

How To Smoke Out Of An Apple - Step #3

Using your poking tool, repeat step #2 by boring another hole into the side of the apple, connecting to the chamber you created from the top. This will serve as your mouthpiece when you go to smoke your apple pipe.

If you have a slightly smaller poking tool on hand, you can add a third, smaller hole on a different side of the apple to serve as a carb. Give the apple a test blow to make sure that all holes connect and are allowing air to flow through freely. 

Step #4) Pack It & Burn It

How To Smoke Out Of An Apple - Step #4

Last but certainly not least, all that’s left is to load up some ground greens to the bowl you created at the top of the apple and take a big, fat rip out of your new dope new pipe. Well done, you’re a real Johnny Appleseed now!

Apple Stash Running Low? Make A DIY Pipe With These Objects Instead

Say what you will about stoners, but they’re nothing, if not a group of highly inventive thinkers. I mean when you think about the science behind seemingly simple activities like extracting cannabis concentrate to do a dab, it’s actually pretty impressive. And who was the first one to discover the necessity of decarboxylating your weed when making edibles?? It’s a surprisingly complex process and just goes to show how far outside the box a curious mind can think with the help of a good toke.

Keeping that in mind, it’s probably a good rule of thumb to just assume that if something seems like it could work as an improvised bong or pipe, someone has probably already tried it out. Lucky for you, we’ve already done a lot of research in this department to save you some work.

When you don’t have any apples on hand, we recommend trying out one of the following DIY bong options for maximum stoney goodness.

  • The Soda Can Pipe: If you’re ever really hard up for something to smoke out of, using an empty soda can for a pipe is a quick & easy, if not the most elegant, solution.
  • The 2 Liter Bottle Gravity Bong: A slight upgrade from the soda can pipe, making a gravity bong with an empty 2-liter bottle is a great way to take some improvised fat hits, straight to the head. This method involves a little crafting to assemble but is easy to do and pretty effective for big hits.
  • The Tin Foil Pipe: Running low on supplies to improvise a dope DIY smoking device? As long as you’ve got a little bit of tin foil, you’ve got a pipe! This will require a little bit of thought and patience to get right, but it is fairly easy to roll some tin foil into a usable pipe. It may not be pretty, but it sure does get the job done!

Maybe The Question Is Not ‘How’ To Smoke Out Of An Apple, But ‘Why?’

Why smoke weed out of an apple, considering all the other items you could use? Frankly, it’s just weirdly satisfying to do every now and then. Sure, you may find yourself smoking out of an apple one day out of pure necessity. On the other hand, maybe you just reach for an apple over your pipe every now and then to relive a bit of the youthful thrill that you got from improvised sessions with your stoner friends back in the day.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong when you load up and smoke out an apple. Hopefully, this guide has given you all the know-how to smoke out of an apple that you will need to keep things lit.

Oh, and don’t forget to throw that apple in the compost pile when you’re done with it- it will be great for your soil and well worth it when it comes time to harvest your weed!

If you’re located in the Okanagan Valley and looking for some fresh greens to refill your apple, stop by our Kelowna Dispensary or West Kelowna Dispensary to stock up today!