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In today’s day and age, there’s nothing more pointless and unnecessary than living a high-consumption, high-waste lifestyle. If your cannabis trimmings are among the detritus that eventually finds its way to your trash-bin, then we’re here to tell you there’s a better way!  

That’s right, we’re living in a “green revolution” of sorts. One where your leftover stalks, stems, and leaves are finally having their deserved day in the sun. The crafty use of cannabis trimmings is an age-old practice that opens up a world of therapeutic and recreational possibilities.

While much of the value attributed to cannabis plants is centered around their THC-rich flowering buds, the plant’s utility as a whole has been well documented throughout history. From clothing to building materials, and even cosmetics – cannabis is a bit of a chameleon in terms of its potential uses. 

While it’s not exactly practical (probably) for you to save up your nug trimmings at home with the hope of whipping yourself up a fabulous new wardrobe, there are still plenty of simple options to put them to good use. Read on to learn about some of our favorite methods for getting the most mileage out of your cannabis trimmings

Ride The Green Dragon: Cannabis-Infused Vodka

This is one of the most tried-and-true methods for putting your cannabis trimmings to good use. It requires a little patience (approximately 30 days to steep) but is otherwise as simple and easy as they come. 

First, collect your cannabis trimmings into a jar with a lid that seals nice and tight. The more trimmings you add, the stronger the drink will be. Next, fill the jar with a vodka of your choice. Finally, store the jar in a dark, cool spot (such as a pantry or cabinet). All you’ll need to do now is give it a good shake once a day, for thirty days. That’s all there is to it!

Infused vodka isn’t as potent as an infused tinctures (see below) typically. We recommend drinking directly or use it as a mixer for maximum effect.

Cannabis-Infused Tincture

This technique for utilizing cannabis trimmings is very similar to the process for making the Cannabis-Infused Vodka above. This method essentially allows you to draw out every last bit of cannabinoids left in the stalks and leaves.

The main difference with this method is that instead of using standard alcohol (like Vodka), you must opt for high-proof alcohol (100 proof or higher). You must also decarboxylate your trimmings first before steeping them. 

Throw it all in a sealed jar to steep for a few days/ weeks (depending on the desired potency) and soon you’ll have a nice and strong infusion. If done correctly, the tincture should be fairly strong and is best administered in small doses with a dropper. 

For some holiday-inspired methods to utilize cannabis tinctures, check out our holiday edibles guide here.

Cannabis-Infused Oils

If you prefer to avoid using alcohol, infused oils offer an option that are both healthy and simple. This technique for utilizing cannabis trimmings can be achieved with butter, cooking oils (olive, coconut, avocado, etc.), or any fat-based substance you prefer. 

Begin by decarboxylating your trimmings. Next, simmer them in your desired oil on the stove over low heat for a few hours. Once you’ve allowed the infusion to cool, you can use the oil in your favorite cooking recipes for a delicious, infused twist.

Once you’ve made your infused oils, you can split the batch and use some of it to make an infused topical-cream (see below)

Homemade Cannabis Topical Cream

This is another simple method for utilizing cannabis trimmings that has myriad therapeutic benefits. To start, decarboxylate your stalks and stems (the more finely ground you can get them, the better). Next, you will need to make an infused oil-base (see above). For this specific purpose, coconut oil works wonders.

From there you can either apply the infused oil directly as-is or even mix it in with your favorite salve or cream for increased benefits. 

Herbal Cooking Spices

This one literally couldn’t be more simple. It might sound a little out there, but grinding up some of your herbs and sprinkling them over your favorite dish adds a delightful, fresh flavor profile to your meal. 

Cannabis plants have a high amount of nutritional value on their own and can be a surprisingly complimentary taste when paired right. We recommend starting with sprinkling a little bit over your pizza, pasta, or salad and experimenting from there. 

It won’t get you high, but it’s damn delicious.  

Compost Your Cannabis Trimmings!

Cannabis Trimmings Compost

If going through the trouble to squeeze every last bit of THC & cannabinoids out of your cannabis trimmings doesn’t sound worth the effort to you, you can still make good use of them. Composting your organic matter is obviously nothing new, and your trimmings make a great, nutrient-rich contribution to your pile. 

If you’re growing your own flower, there’s a strong likelihood that you have a lot of leftover leaves and stalks on your hands at some point. Composting them is the best way to invest in the quality of your future plants while doing your part to keep the green dream alive!