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Woman walking in the sunset, our story

It's been a long time comin', but it's finally here!

Our journey into the cannabis industry started in 2012 when we purchased both Mary Janes Headquarters locations in Kelowna and West Kelowna. Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur was a huge learning curve and one hell of a ride. Our goal was to make the make shopping experience a fun, chilled; yet informative and organized experience. We quickly realized how in-depth the cannabis industry and its connoisseurs were! The science is fascinating and people are looking for very specific ways to indulge – not to mention the accessory manufacturers are getting pretty creative! 

As there are many different ways of consuming cannabis and our clients want good recommendations for the best-proven quality, at different price points for every one of them. So we expanded, and expanded, and expanded. Basically, we carry a whole hell of a lot of cool stuff  

Then 2018 came along -legalization- it makes sense that our mega cannabis accessories stores would sell it! We were beyond ecstatic (FINALLY!!!!). But after reading the copious pages of all the rules, it became quite evident that we would have to change Mary Jane’s Headquarters so significantly to adhere to it all that transitioning them into cannabis stores no longer made sense (because seriously, who wants to live in a world with no flavoured blunt wraps). Thus Cheeba Cheeba’s was born. The first leap of blind faith was renting the empty lease space beside us in Rutland, a good 9 months from the application process even staring (I think Chris has a grey hair from every time he thought about the financial risks he was taking).

WE DID IT! We are so happy that both Mary Jane’s Headquarters have a Cheeba Cheeba’s Recreational Cannabis store beside them. Being in the industry for the past 7 years has given us the opportunity to anticipate the needs of our consumers. We know you and we love you. This is our community! We call West Kelowna our home; our kids go to school here, we invest back here. It matters to us what you think. 

It is our mission to provide a welcoming, neighbourhood vibe in Cheeba Cheebas. A place that you know where the team is friendly and knowledgeable, has the products you are looking for and is not an intimating environment. 

NOTE: Cheeba Cheeba’s in West Kelowna has taken over the old Mary Jane’s Headquarters location (1812 Bylands Road, West Kelowna). We gutted it and made it into a Cheeba Cheeba’s recreational Cannabis store. However, we have moved Mary Jane’s Headquarters right next door. THIS IS A MUST SEE – it’s 100% worth the drive if accessories are your thing. We are talking 3 glow/light walls displaying all the bongs, rigs etc. It’s out of control.